Our main charity partner is Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH). BCH has been providing outstanding care and support for children from the midlands and further afield for over 150 years. Much of what is achieved at BCH is thanks to generous charitable donations.

BCH has a special place in our hearts as our 3rd son, Caleb, spent a lot of time in the care of the fabulous staff at the hospital. Caleb was born in Burton in November 2010 and upon his arrival we discovered that he had Downs Syndrome.

At only a few months old Caleb became unwell and was treated in intensive care at BCH with pneumonia. Following this illness Caleb was diagnosed with a rare lung condition which meant that he could not maintain the level of oxygen he required on his own. He received ongoing treatment for this condition at BCH and at home.

Our beautiful boy passed away in September 2012 at BCH following a stroke.

Caleb lived a happy life and always had crazy hair and a smile on his face. In the short time he was with us, he had a massive impact and enriched the lives of many. His favourite song was The Little Green Frog!

Caleb spent half of his life at BCH and the love, care and attention that he received was exceptional. From our time at the hospital we know that there are many more children who need the support of BCH and it is our aim to support with this through our Charity Tipping initiative. Collecting donations from our customers who are offered the opportunity to add a tip to their bill payment with all tips going to BCH.